127055, Moscow, Souschevskaya street, 21, 2nd enterance, 2nd floor, room #7
Tel: +7 (495) 258-0804
Fax: +7 (495) 258-9939
127055, Moscow, Souschevskaya street, 21, 2nd enterance, 2nd floor, room #7
Tel: +7 (495) 258-0804
Fax: +7 (495) 258-9939
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Fax: +7 (812) 315-60-60
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Free activities


You won’t want to miss these must-do things when in Moscow!

  1. Get lost in the metro: The metro is the fastest and most efficient means of transport available in Moscow. It is also the most attractive and mysterious, so make sure you get lost in it so you get the chance to admire the marvellous architecture of its stations, the complex network of lines and the hectic rhythm of life of the Moscovites.
  2. Visit Red Square at 4 a.m.: you will need to get up very early to enjoy this breathtaking venue at its best, when nobody is around, but it will be worth it! And after that, have breakfast at the well-known Café Pushkin, on Tverskoj Bul’var.
  3. Enjoy the Russian Ballet at the exclusive Bol’shoi Theater. Don’t worry about the prices though: for students the tickets cost only 100 rubles, so take the chance!
  4. Taste Kvas: stop by one of the many stalls and ask for a glass of the popular Russian drink Квас: if you like it, then you are a real Moscovite!
  5. Have your portrait made by one of the many street artists on the Arbat, and show it to your friends at home.
  6. Stay over at a Russian dacha to understand why all the Moscovites escape to the countryside at the weekends. Of course, you need to make good friends with your Russian family first!
  7. Dance with the бабушки (babushki) at Izmailovskij Park on a Saturday night. Join in the authentic Russian folk dances and be prepared to experience an unusual evening.
  8. Cook шашлыки outside Moscow, in one of the many dachas (hopefully your Russian host family's) and enjoy one of the strongest traditions of the country.
  9. Take the электричка (elektrichka), the train that will lead you to the villages outside Moscow: Sergiev Posad, Vladimir, Yaroslavl’ and many others. You will be surprised at the entertainment provided - people attempting to sell all kinds of things during the journey!
  10. Take a photo in front of Saint Basil’s Cathedral and caption it “Храм Василия Блаженного”, its original Russian name. Do you think your friends will guess what it means?
  11. Make your mouth water at Елисеевский, the most famous delicatessen shop in Moscow. Get acquainted with the Russian cuisine and take the chance to expand your food vocabulary.
  12. Bargain for your souvenirs at Izmailovo: pick up your souvenirs at the most famous market in Moscow. Put your Russian into practice by bargaining the best price you can get and have fun!

Are you ready to start your unforgettable Moscow experience?